How theplantprep subscription works

At theplantprep, we offer a flexible subscription service that delivers 'fuel good food' straight to your door, making your meals not only delicious, but also more convenient!

How flexible?

  • You can change the dishes in your box weekly and add or remove any items you'd like
  • You can choose the frequency of your orders; weekly, every 2, 3, 4 weeks...
  • You can move your order date as much as you'd like.
  • You can pause your order if you go on holiday, and then resume so you are all set once you return.
  • You can cancel and restart your subscription any time.

Any changes you would like to make to your account need to be made 2 days before your next order. And we will send a reminder email before the order is made.

You can also place a one-off order here.

One-time orders are great too, but subscribing ensures you receive ongoing perks, savings, and exclusive offers. Join our subscription for the best value and experience!