• Most importantly for me is the change in how I feel

    I’ve been eating theplantprep meals 5 days a week for over a year and love everything about them. The meals taste so good and the portion size is perfect.

    Michelle makes it really easy for people who would rather spend extra time training or working to sit down at the end of a day and get all the goodness they need from a meal without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

    Most importantly for me is the change in how I feel, I feel healthy and my body is leaner. I’m not consuming any less calories - Michelle knows her clients like to eat - I’m getting and feeling stronger and faster!!

    It’s very interesting to see the change and I am happy theplantprep will be a continued part of my health and fitness journey going forward.


    - Angela

  • Informative, supportive and motivational

    I’ve been working with theplantprep on my nutrition for just over 2 months. I’ve had nights out, weekends away and have still managed to lose fat and gain muscle consistently! I feel really supported and understood and will continue working with them when I come back from my holiday! They have motivated me so much and reminded me of my goals and my why throughout my journey!


    - Nicola

  • Excellent Meals Amazing Service

    After recent health issues with my stomach I thought I'd try cutting a lot of things for my gut.

    I am not a vegan and have always been apprehensive on taste of vegan food I'm very fussy on flavours, textures and choice. theplantprep's meals are absolutely delicious, full of flavour and great choices. The service is fantastic, and Michelle communicated well and delivered my meals to my work next day. I am over the moon, my stomach is better I don't have to worry about meal prep and most of all I have not missed meat.

    The macros are displayed on all packaging for people like myself who track them, I am full and have no cravings. A round of applause to this fantastic local company a well deserved 5 star review.


    - Lyndsey

Is theplantprep for me?

A desired aesthetic

From weight loss to muscle gain, sustainable changes to achieve your goals long-term, with support & accountability to keep you on track.

Improved performance

Whether you are looking to fuel correctly for endurance, or build muscle - It's important to ensure you have enough macro nutrients to optimise performance.

Overall health & well-being

Focusing on a well-rounded diet that provides essential nutrients for overall health.

Digestive health for a happy gut microbiome.

Cognitive health, mindful eating, long-term lifestyle changes.

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