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Weekly Meal Plan

Our meals contain fresh ingredients and are also macro-balanced to ensure you are getting a good base of protein and carbohydrates to fuel ideal body composition.

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  • 7 Main Meals

    Take your pick and select 7 main meals which can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner each day of the week

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  • 7 Breakfasts & Main Meals

    Select your 7 main meals and then 7 flavours of our High-Protein Power Oats which contain all you need for a complete breakfast

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  • 7 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    You will choose 14 of our main meals, along with 7 of our high-protein breakfast oats - this will amount to 3 meals per day

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Why our products stand out

Nutritionally Balanced: Our meals ensure you are getting a combination of nutrients essential for active training. The balance promotes satiety to help prevent over-eating ✔️

Recovery and Repair: We understand the importance of post-workout recovery. Our meals are designed to aid muscle repair and rejuvenation, helping you to bounce back stronger✔️

Plant-Powered: We believe in the power of plant-based nutrition. Our meals are rooted in whole food, plant-based ingredients to support your health and athletic goals ✔️

Convenience: The convenience of our meals make it easier for you to stick to your plan, and is a significant factor for long-term success ✔️

Calorie Control: Our meals are portioned and calorie-controlled, taking the guesswork out of managing caloric intake ✔️

Low in Saturated Fat: Our meals are designed to be low in saturated fat, which is beneficial for heart health and can support weight loss ✔️

Personal Experience: My personal journey as both a nutrition coach and athlete has guided me to create these products, and I use them myself to fuel my active lifestyle ✔️