Our own take on the Japanese curry. Plant based ‘chicken style’ strips with brown rice, edamame beans and peas, topped with our homemade katsu sauce.

585 kcals, 22g fat, 73.6g carbs, 4.6g sugar, 9g fibre, 19g protein

ALLERGENS : soy, wheat, celery

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  • Edamame

    It has ALL the essential amino acids. Leucine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan…gang’s all here! ...making it a complete protein source!

    It has calcium. Not only does edamame have vitamin K, which helps regulate calcium levels, it contains calcium itself. That makes it a double-win for your bones.

    Supports healthy weight management: contains fibre which helps maintain a healthy weight by slowing down nutrient absorption, this is good because sugars are absorbed slower, so energy is released gradually and the body can metabolize those nutrients better.

  • Peas

    This green legume is loaded with A, B-1, B-6, C, and a supersized serving of osteoporosis-fighting K. One cup of boiled green peas has 46% of your RDA of vitamin K-1, known for maintaining bone health and helping blood to clot to prevent bleeding.

    Peas are a good source of iron. Iron deficiency is the leading cause of anaemia. If you don't have enough iron, your body can't make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells thereby causing haemoglobin deficiency.  Iron helps combat fatigue and gives you strength.

    Peas are high in fibre and low in fat and contain no cholesterol. Plus, they're a good source of vegetable protein.

  • Brown Rice

    A whole grain that contains the bran and germ, as apposed to white rice which is a refined grain that has these nutritious parts removed.

    Brown rice has a lower glycaemic index than white rice, meaning that it’s digested slower & has less of an impact on blood sugar.

    The fibre helps lower cholesterol, moves waste through the digestive tract, promotes fullness & may help prevent the formation of blood clots.

    Exceptionally high in manganese, a mineral vital for many important processes in the body, such as bone development, wound healing, muscle contraction metabolism, nerve function & blood sugar regulation.