• Is your food vegan?

    Everything is prepared from a 100% vegan kitchen. And if you would like to discuss further dietary requirments, please get in touch.

  • How do I cook the meals?

    Each meal comes with it's own heating instructions, and can be heating via microwave or oven, in as little as 4 minutes.

  • Is frozen still nutritious?

    The meals are freshly prepared and then flash frozen to lock in the nutrients. For more information, please check our blog link below.

    How fresh is frozen? 
  • Where do you deliver to?

    We are pleased to be able to serve most of mainland UK.

    Unfortunately we do not yet deliver to the islands, but if this is something you want, please get in touch so we can keep you up to date for when we do.

  • Do I have to be home for my delivery?

    Deliveries are done through a third party courier, who will message you with a time slot of delivey. If you don't think anyone will be home, please add a 'safe place' for your parcel to be left.

    Our recyclable insulation will keep your meals cold until 10pm, ready to pop in your freezer once you return.

  • Do you offer local pick-up?

    Yes! If you are in Aberdeen and would like to collect, please contact us to arrange. We would be happy to accomdate.

  • Is the packaging recyclable?

    Your meal trays and sleeves can be rinsed and added to your household recycling.

    The denim liners, which is fully recycled cotton, can be reused, and so ideally they can be returned to us. Otherwise, get creative and reuse.

    Ice sheets can be refrozen and used multiple times.

  • Can I return the packaging for re-use?

    In order to reduce waste, you can return all the packaging, simply add liners, ice sheets, and whatever packaging you would like to return to the cardboard box and tape it shut. By contacting us, we can prepare a return slip free of charge to yourself.

  • For your health

    Plant-based foods are:

    - the leading source of fibre

    - rich in vitamins & minerals

    - free of cholesterol

    - low in saturated fat

    Eating a variety of these foods provides all the protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients your body needs.

    And turns out, those who eat a plant-based diet lower their risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other health conditions.

  • For the animals

    Animal agriculture is the number 1 leading driver of extinction on this planet.

    The greenhouse gas emissions caused by the meat and dairy
    industry total more than that of all transportation combined. If that’s not
    enough, it’s also the main contributor to deforestation, water pollution and
    ocean dead zones.

  • For the planet

    By eating just one plant-based meal per day for a year, you will save around 200,000 gallons of water, that’s like taking 11,400 showers, and you’ll also reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of driving 3,000 miles in your car, from New York to LA.