Beetroots and Leeks
Healthy assortment of yellow foods


Specific Requirements

Do you cater for food allergies?

  • Please make us aware of any food allergies when ordering.

  • Our kitchen is 100% vegan, therefore there will be no cross contamination of meats or dairy.

  • Under the meals heading you can find information about the main allergens in each of our meals.

  • Many of our products contain nuts, therefore we cannot guarantee nut-free.


Do I need to be home for my delivery?

  • Please make sure someone is home to collect your delivery.​

  • If no one from your household is home, you can add a request to leave with a neighbour when you order.

  • Please bear in mind your food will need to go into a fridge.


When do you deliver?

  • All deliveries are Sunday.


How much is delivery?

  • Delivery starts at just £1.50 depending on your location.


How far do you deliver?

  • Currently we only operate in Aberdeen City and some surrounding areas, including Westhill, Kingswells and Dyce.


Can I collect my order?

  • For now we are doing delivery only.


What's the order cut-off times?

  • Order by midnight on Thursday to receive your Sunday order.


Do my meals arrive fresh or frozen?

  • Your meals always arrive fresh.


How do I reheat my meals?

  • You could heat in a microwave for no longer than 3 minutes, your own microwave power will determine whether this is shorter, stir halfway and ensure the meal is piping hot all the way through.

  • You can also reheat most meals (curries & stews) in a pan over a medium heat, just add a dash of oil or water to stop it from sticking or drying out.


How many times can I reheat my meals?

  • Only once. Do not heat meals more than once!


Is it safe to travel to work with my meals?

  • Food & Hygiene legislation states food can be left out of a fridge for 90mins & be safe to return, so will be fine on your travels to work. 

Can my meals be eaten cold?

  • Yes, however we recommend you eat them hot, besides the salads.


How long do my meals last?

  • 4-5 Days after delivery when refrigerated, please ensure your fridge is set to the appropriate temperature.


Can I freeze the meals?

  • The packaging is perfectly safe for freezing.

  • However, please be aware the defrosting process can change the texture and consistency of the meals, mainly the vegetables.

  • Some customers have frozen meals but this is at your own choice, and we will always recommend to eat them fresh.