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Hi, my name’s Michelle and welcome to theplantprep. I’m here to add extra excitement to your dinner table, along with the knowledge you are eating fresh, nutritious, fuel-good-food. I created all these meals to fit in with my own lifestyle and training, and after experiencing so many personal benefits, I want to share this with you too. I will only serve you meals that I would eat myself.

Keep it exciting

At theplantprep, we are here to change the general view on healthy, nutritious eating & show that
watching your macros while eating a plant-based diet does not have to be boring... but can instead
include some of the most innovative and filling meals!


At theplantprep, we remove the stress and time spent on planning, prepping, and cooking by
providing nutritious, macro counted, plant-based meals to help you reach your personal goals.
We want you to have a healthy relationship with food and fitness in order to create positive lifestyle
habits that are sustainable long-term. Being healthier and fitter does not mean you are deprived of
anything, and it is a process we want you to enjoy.

Made by Plants – Enjoyed by Everyone

These meals were created with both meat-eaters and veggies in mind because we want everyone to
be able to enjoy our meals, without feeling deprived or missing out.